May 2008

NCA Student Day of Success Brought Together the Best of the Northwest

Beau Monde College of Hair Design took home the traveling trophy at the recently held NCA Student Day of Success in Portland.

Even though cosmetology school educates quite a diverse slice of the population, students tend to become busy citizens of a tiny insular universe, one filled with all the drama of real life but restricted to the walls, mirrors and stations of their particular institution of learning.

On April 13 these future stylists from the Northwest states were given the opportunity to see what their counterparts in neighboring galaxies are doing and to show off their own skills and talents in a competitive setting at the National Cosmetology Association’s annual Student Day of Success in Portland, Oregon.
Stepping into the ballroom of the Double Tree that day was like entering a tiny, carpeted version of the Roman coliseum. The arena: a roped-off rectangle lined with tables and chairs for the competitors. The stands: a standing-room-only ring of exquisitely tressed spectators. The gladiators: stylists sitting poised with raised hands clutching hairspray bottles, scissors or makeup brushes in anticipation of the start signal.

Greenwood Academy’s Celeste Bacon and Jennifer Duffy placed third in the Fantasy Makeup category.

We caught up with some of the students and staff from the Greenwood Academy of Hair in Seattle, Washington, to find out their take on the “games.” “It’s really good preparation,” said Greenwood Academy co-owner Steven Cordell, “being under pressure, the teamwork, the bonding with each other and the staff. Plus it looks great on your resume to have won an award at a competition like this.”

Another school, the Beau Monde College of Hair Design also did well this year. They have won the traveling trophy most of the past 10 years, including this year. There were 60 Beau Monde Students entered in the competition in ten different competition areas. With their winning streak in mind, the Beau Monde students said, “When you are hot you’re hot and when you not move over.”

The day concluded with a high-style awards ceremony and runway walk-off in which all the participants received adulation and left either vindicated or disappointed. All in all, it was a successful day of healthy competition, good sportsmanship and networking with potential employers.

The winners were:

Flat Nail Art — 1st: Katrina Gottschalch, Beau Monde; 2nd: Danae Lietzke, Beau Monde; 3rd: Tierra Kendrick, Phagan’s NE.
Men’s Commercial Cut — 1st: Derrick Harris, Beau Monde; 2nd: Mathew Wynn, Phagans NE; 3rd: Kayla Bolen, Phagans Salem.
Evening Comb Out — 1st: Melissa Morrow, Victoria’s Academy; 2nd: Kassie Bue, Image Designers; 3rd: Ginny Newcomb, Beau Monde.
Fantasy Braiding — 1st: Kari Kennedy, Kirkland Beauty School; 2nd: Nicola Miller, Evergreen Beauty and Barber College; 3rd: Cheyenne Kramer, Kirkland Beauty School
Team Vogue — 1st: Angelica Flores, Jasmine McGee, Robbin Schnoider of Phagen’s NE; 2nd: Mikyl Levin, Courtney Broadbent, Chelsea Melius of Victoria’s Academy; 3rd: Meghan Bart, Kimberly Allen-Rogers, Hannah Fulford of Phagen’s NE.
Fantasy Make Up — 1st: Rebekah Hillerstrom, Kirkland Beauty; 2nd: Nancy Burke, Beau Monde; 3rd: Celeste Bacon, Greenwood Academy.
Women’s Commercial Cut — 1st: Tommy Rogers, Phagan’s NE; 2nd: Nicole Virnig, Image Designers; 3rd: Nicholas Hoffman, Beau Monde.
Men’s Fade Cut — 1st: Phillip Gladstone, Evergreen Beauty and Barber College; 2nd: Derrick Harris, Beau Monde; 3rd: Jorge Maceo, Phagan’s NE.
Acrylic Nail Forms — 1st: Charisse Green, Mt Hood CC; 2nd: Solin Mayo, Evergreen Acadamy; 3rd: Nancy Burke, Beau Monde.

For more information on next year’s event, call Damian Califf at 503-348-1798.