March 2014

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Snips and Clips Around the Northwest | by Sinnamon Harris


Dreadlocks, Extensions and Braids, Oh My!

Dread Rock Salon's owner and stylist, Debbie Vasquez learned her trade growing up in the inner city of N.E. Portland and has been setting dreads for over 15 years.

"Dreads are a commitment," stated Vasquez, "and I teach all my clients how to keep the scalp and hair healthy. It's a very important issue."

That commitment begins with a private consultation as all dreads are custom work. Each method has to take into account the texture, length and condition of the hair. The initial process can take from three or four hours to 10 or even 15 hours to dread a head.

" We provide lattés from the coffee shop next door, head massages for relaxation, a variety of music and a lot of laughter during the process!" smiled Vasquez.

Dread Rock Salon sees an international set of clientele including patrons from Spain, Trinidad, Kenya, France, South Africa, Puerto Rico and Ukraine as well as from Idaho, Washington, California, and Hawaii (along with Oregon of course). Word of mouth and the internet has helped the salon to connect to the world, literally!

"It's an amazing experience and I'm grateful for the privilege and the cultural exchanges that develop," enthused Vasquez.

Dreads, of course, are not the only style in the mix at Dread Rock Salon. Magdalene Salinas, Natural Hair Care Stylist and Mackenzie Reyna, Cosmetologist, round out the staff that also provides sew-on, clip-on, and fusion extensions, hairpieces and net weave, braiding, perms, haircuts, highlights, men's razor and clipper cuts and a host of other options.

As busy as the salon is they have found time to help those in need in their community, through Portland's Union Gospel Mission, to become job ready with free stylist services. Vasquez also has offered receptionist and janitorial employment in the past at her shop.

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International Brand Sojourn, Relocates to Salem, Oregon

Sojourn International LLC Founder and Director, Lawrence Williams announced a change in the corporate partnership and the relocation of Sojourn's home offices and distribution facility to Salem, Oregon, at the gathering of the North American distributors held at La Costa Resort in San Diego, California in mid January. While Williams is still with the company, he introduced Matthew and Debbie Boulton as the new managing partners of the corporation. The Boultons are the owners of global Cosmetic Group US, sole distributors of the Leyton House professional hair color line in the US and Canada. They have worked in the professional beauty industry for many years and continue to grow their extensive network in the US and internationally.

"As entrepreneurs, stylists and salon owners ourselves, Debbie and I are extremely passionate about the success of salon owners, stylists and distribution partners around the world", said Matthew Boulton. "We have built our business model around education and training and the strength that these programs brings to the overall success of our brand. This is the model we hope to bring to Sojourn along with innovative use of technology and continuing commitment to the highest quality ingredients and formulations which is what the Sojourn product range is known for."

Bryan and Sarah Harris have agreed to be Sojourn's international partners. Their firm, located in England outside the international port of Felixstowe, is just over an hour away from the heart of London. This strategic partnership represents an important piece of the overall global expansion planned for the Sojourn brand.

"Bryan and Sarah, who have extensive experience within the industry, are uniquely positioned to be the ideal resource and collaborators for us as we introduce Sojourn to new segments of the European market," said Williams.

The Sojourn brand, which began operations in 2011, sells an exclusively formulated range of professional hair care products through an extensive network of some of North America's strongest professional product distributors. Currently, the range is comprised of 23 shampoo, conditioner and styling products. The formulas are created without compromise using only the finest ingredients available for the health and beauty of your hair and skin. Going forward, clients will continue to benefit by choosing Sojourn, the healthiest option in the beauty industry.

The company's marketing tagline is "positive chemistry for hair" but to partners at Sojourn, positive chemistry is more than a marketing line.

"At the end of the day," said Boulton, "real success in this industry is built through strong human relations. Positive chemistry describes the commitment we make every day; to our customers, our distributors and our strategic partners."

Environmentally aware Oregon is the perfect fit for the 100% biodegradable Sojourn products.

"The warehouse offices in Salem are too small for corporate offices and we wish to have a training center too," spoke Matthew Boulton with a charming English accent in a recent Northwest Stylist interview, "so just up the street, in Independence, we are working on opening up our corporate offices and training center."

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Sinnamon Harris is a freelance journalist who has written for Portland's former Our Town, LifeStyles Northwest and East County News. She also wrote NW Stylist's Oregon Board News articles from Oct 2011-2012. To be featured in an upcoming issue, please send an email to