August 2013

Jerry Tyler

Blue Highways | by Jerry Tyler


Building the Right Team Assures Success

When you make the decision to choose a business model you have to realize the importance of having the right team to achieve success.

The right team whether you are promoting your own individual brand or using a collective business model can be a deal breaker.

Of course we can always take a chance and hope for the best in gathering our potential team players, or we can take another route: We can purposely have a clear idea of what we want and then we will attract that kind of person.

Having a clear idea of what we want has a powerful impact on the end result as to the players and their defined impact on the overall success of the mission.

To help you get to this point you need a mission statement and a vision statement about what you want to achieve and to define your success. A clear definition of the Roles and Goals of each player's contribution will alleviate unnecessary confusion and allow each contributor the ability to bring their A-game.

As an individual business model, the key is to find the right support to your individual brand to make up for the lack of the collective support found in the classic employment business model.

Having clarity of what you require to thrive and attending to those needs will go far in bringing added resources beyond your own capabilities. Sourcing the right support to meet your needs takes due diligence, as your individual resource capital may be limited and will need to achieve maximum results for minimal cost. Many service and product providers now recognize the needs of smaller independent brands and offer excellent educational and technical support to meet their unique needs.

In the classic collective salon model where the staff is employed, the direction and leadership comes from the top. As the business owner, what are your goals to succeed? Those identified goals and benchmarks create the players Game Book. A mutually agreed upon end game win must include all who are involved. To assure continuity are you as the owner/leader willing to insist on a culture of cooperation to create a true team based culture?

Rather than fostering a culture based on individual competition pitting team members against each other to get an overall higher gain, which creates an environment of mistrust in the team culture and undermines the collective spirit, having a true assessment of the individual talents of the team members and the positive impact they bring will assure they are being used to their best advantage to achieve maximum output.

Positive recognition always validates the value they bring and also defines the special place they have in the positive outcome for all concerned. Keeping all the players in alignment with the principles and mission of the business model is required so all are moving in the same direction to gain maximum momentum.

Developing future team members works well within this model as once the trainee is competent, the shared rewards between the stylist and owner cement a long term career path with mutual gain for both.

Whether you choose an independent business or a collective business, positive team work is paramount to guarantee future success.

Jerry Tyler's column Blue Highways is his "Road Less Traveled" perspective on the solutions and challenges facing the beauty industry. With over 35 years in the salon industry as an industry leader, educator and artist. He is currently "Director of Industry Relations for Carlton Hair and former Board president of the California Board of Barbering and Cosmetology.