February 2013

Jacqueline Munoz

Strictly for Students| by Jacqueline Munoz


Color My World: How Color Can Grow Your Business

In a world of ever-changing fashion and trends, haircoloring will always be in demand. During the peak of the recession, haircoloring was a leading source of revenue for many salons because it was the mainstay that drew clients in for cuts, styling, relaxing and curling.

Haircolor services are frequently regarded as the anchor for many hair salons. Salon owners and stylists can capitalize on this continuous demand by distinguishing themselves as expert colorists, keeping up with haircolor trends and marketing their services to new and returning clients with advertising, promotions and communication.

Professional colorists should know which styles will be requested the most often and be experts in those looks. Low-cost, low maintenance and simple color styles are always in high demand, such as all-over color and gray coverage for mature clients.

With that in mind, dark brunettes, reds and blacks will be consistent shades performed on clients, as they are easier to maintain. Blonding and highlights are popular styles but not as easy for clients to maintain.

The demand for lowlights or duolights will be medium to low. Fashionable clients, tweens and teens typically want dramatic haircolor with chromatic highlights. Some mature women and men are now open to allowing some percentage of gray showing. Tone-on-tone semis are hot again. Many clients want a natural look that shows no roots, so they can receive a salon service less frequently.

In order to remain a successful colorist, one must maintain knowledge of current hair and color trends. To stay up-to-date on haircolor trends, read beauty trade magazines, pay attention to celebrity trends and check out popular hair and beauty blogs, such as bellasugar.com. Sometimes just listening to clients' coloring requests can be an easy way to know what is in style.

There are ways to drive traffic to your salon and grow your haircolor business with advertising, promotions and communication.

One of the simplest ways is to do local advertising by buying an ad in your local newspaper, on social media, or running an ad campaign on a local radio station.

Promotions do not necessarily involve paid media but attract new clients through more creative means. Salon owners find that holidays, back-to-school, Mother's Day and prom are easy events to involve promotional specials.

For new customers, offer service price-offs, discount coupons and future discounts on haircolor retouches to encourage them to try your salon and return again. In addition to offering holiday and seasonal gifts and discounts on salon retail products, complimentary samples and after-color care products with purchase of a color service are always popular.

Many of these promotions can be run with the co-op funds your distributor and manufacturer have already earmarked for salon promotions. Haircolor is a multi-million-dollar business and manufacturers are as interested in growing it as you are.

Make it a worthwhile event for guests by providing food, cocktails and swag bags complete with gift cards and free product samples. Get the word out about your promotions with social media, direct mailings, e-mails, texts and color service appointment reminders.

An important key to spreading the word about your salon's haircolor business is clear communication. Make sure that your salon has visible and attractive signage and an easy-to-find website that is listed in all of the local directories. Your website should outline your coloring services and be easy for visitors to navigate. Consider issuing press releases about noteworthy events to your local newspapers and TV stations. Creating a clear presence for your salon is often overlooked but makes your salon easily accessible to clients.

A great way to personalize your communication and interact with clients is through social media. Similar to your website, make sure that your salon's Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest pages are accessible and incorporate clear messaging about your services. StyleSeat (www.styleseat.com) is a newer form of social media just for beauty professionals.

Tweet upcoming news and events at your salon, and pin your favorite styles and hair care products on Pinterest. Another way to engage and excite fans is to incorporate social media contests and giveaways on your pages. Frequently updating your social media pages with news, photos and links will keep your salon top-of-mind for new and returning customers looking to get their haircolored.

There are endless ways to use coloring services to grow your salon business. Once you have mastered the coloring process and have learned what coloring trends are in style, learning how to market your services to new clients will have you reaping benefits faster than ever before.

Jacqueline Munoz, Director of Education for Cosmetology, Barbering, Teacher Training and Manicuring Programs for Marinello Schools of Beauty, has been a Licensed Cosmetologist for more than 19 years. For more information, please visit www.marinello.com.