January 2013

Jerry Tyler

Blue Highways | by Jerry Tyler


Perception is Reality

As the new year approaches, we can look for new opportunities that will bring us abundance in our life as well as in our beauty careers.

Although we might see the big picture, we need to pay attention to issues that could be deal makers or if they are overlooked could be deal breakers.

How our industry appears to the public plays a key role to our success in the future.

The reality is that if we want to truly thrive in this industry we need to take a hard look at how we represent ourselves to those outside our craft if we hope to assure our future growth.

"Perception is reality." What does this mean to you professionally? Let's be clear, the way people view you and the work that you do plays a large role in our future success and perhaps even how we will rise or fall as an industry.

The Law of Attraction is something which teaches that a person will attract things to themselves by focusing on those things. As when we concentrate totally on something, we are bringing that energy back to ourselves.

What frequency are we on? What are we saying we are as an industry? Are we being real? Are we giving clear signals or sending mixed messages? No truer words were said: "You can't have it both ways."

When it comes to the public's perception of our industry or us as professionals, the truth is we are actually in charge. With branding and marketing of individuals and companies, the challenge is to be consistent with our message. This takes integrity. If we are mindful to always make a conscious effort to exceed the public's expectations then our image will extend beyond our performance.

When I look around our amazing industry there are so many great examples of people and business models that show our industry doing what is right. They don't dwell on what's wrong. They stay focused on what's right and grow through constantly improving.

They develop and grow from within and are clear as to their purpose. They don't solve problems; they create positive solutions to challenges.

Their actions are in alignment with their vision and values; what you see, is what you get. They share their abundance with those who helped generate it while fostering cooperation, not competition.

They go the extra mile and have a "Will do -- Can do" attitude. They seek to serve rather than be served. To resolve conflict, they take the first step.

They seek to understand the needs and desires of those they wish to serve and use their resources wisely for optimal results. They are continual learners and do things "On purpose." They enjoy the process as well as the positive end result and take pride in ownership. They exceed perceived value.

To make a fair assessment of ourselves, both individually and as collective business models, all we have to do to get a clear idea of how we are perceived is to be in alignment with our purpose.

This can be measured by the above benchmarks. The answers in the affirmative or negative will give us a clear understanding of corrections to be made to create a positive course of action to assure success. This will go far in shaping a positive public perception of us as truly purposeful individuals and an industry we can be proud of.

Jerry Tyler's column Blue Highways is his "Road Less Traveled" perspective on the solutions and challenges facing the beauty industry. With over 35 years in the salon industry as an industry leader, educator and artist. He is currently "Director of Industry Relations for Carlton Hair , former Board president of the California Board of barbering and Cosmetology and hosts his weekly radio show talking texture, hair and beauty on TEXTURERADIO. www.textureradio.com Tuesdays and Thursdays 9pm PST