December 2012

Jerry Tyler

Blue Highways | by Jerry Tyler


Maintaining Balance in Life

One of the most often asked questions from new beauty professionals is: "How do you maintain balance?" They find their new found path demands so much time and energy just to get started, it can overwhelm.

The advantages of wandering our industry's Blue Highways for me is the personal gratification gained from mentoring future and newly licensed professionals.

The gift of giving back to those who seek to grow and prosper is to remind me how great our industry is as I point them in a positive direction toward their desired destination.

The first step in maintaining balance is to find your center. This is not only the place where all positive thought and action emanate from, but is also where we need to return if we stray off course.

Maintaining balance is being proactive and not merely reacting to things as they are placed before us. It is also being continually and constantly aware of where we are in relation to where we really want to be.

At times I get a phone call of panic or confusion from a new professional. My first question is: "Where are you?" Sadly the reply is, "I don't know."

I ask, "How did you get there," and their answer is, "I don't know." Your internal GPS isn't working. You are temporarily lost. You have lost your center of gravity and are having a challenge keeping your balance.

It really doesn't matter how you got lost; the key is to get back where you started from and then alter your course toward your desired destination. Balancing in life is to maintain equilibrium in all facets that comprise the whole equally.

The more we focus on just one facet; we lose sight of other areas of the ongoing journey that demand equal attention. Many falsely believe if they are a success in one part of their lives, they will be a success in the other areas. This couldn't be further from the truth. Without maintaining balance, those areas decline, due to neglect.

The advice for those I mentor is to be mindful of the three lives we all live and to give them equal attention to maintain a balanced and purposeful life; those three lives are our private life, our personal life and our professional lives.

In our private life, we consider that we are an individual. This is the "I," as in I am, I want, I believe, etc. This is the true essence of who and what we are. Are we growing ourselves as an individual entity? Are we feeding ourselves first? Are we conscious of our growth? Or are we neglecting our mental, physical, spiritual growth. How can we have strong personal or professional relationships if our private life is weakened by lack of attention?

Our personal life concerns the personal relationships we have with our friends, family, and those we share our personal time with; those we love. Again we can't expect to grow these personal bonds if we neglect to nurture these relationships.

If we focus only on our private life, we miss the added dimension of sharing with others. We become one dimensional.

Having a truly abundant personal life takes constant investment in the accounts of those whom we have bonds. If the investment is returned, a third positive force comes into play and that is called synergy. The positive effect of synergy is 1+1= 3, the third positive is the end result.

Our third life is our professional or public life. This is the life we live out in the open. It is our public persona. Those who are truly blessed in this arena in life enjoy success because their public life is in direct alignment with who they are in their private and personal lives. There is no disconnect. There is integration at play here.

What you see is truly what you get. There is the perfect partnership of perception and reality. Sadly those who focus solely on their public perception and are found lacking in their private and personal lives, live a shallow and often unfulfilling existence as the rewards are superficial and leave them wanting more.

More than personal action, maintaining balance takes awareness and constant focus on our destination (that we have predetermined) of what we want to achieve that will gain abundance in life's unfolding journey.

As this year closes I want to wish all in my industry family a blessed holiday season and fruitful new year. We will see you in 2013 on Life's Blue Highways.

Jerry Tyler's column Blue Highways is his "Road Less Traveled" perspective on the solutions and challenges facing the beauty industry. With over 35 years in the salon industry as an industry leader, educator and artist. He is currently "Director of Industry Relations for Carlton Hair , former Board president of the California Board of barbering and Cosmetology and hosts his weekly radio show talking texture, hair and beauty on TEXTURERADIO. Tuesdays and Thursdays 9pm PST