November 2012

Lisa Kind - Editor

The Mane Objective | by Marco Pelusi


Teachable Moments For Sale

Teacher, teacher — what can you teach me?

When introducing new product ideas to your clients, there is no need to suddenly transform into a salesperson.

All you need to do is to continue to be the best, to be the most authentic, and to be the most caring professional you can. You can achieve this by simply using the products on your clients' hair, while educating them on exactly what you are using. That is it. It is as simple as that.

Clients are literally starving for products to enable them to work with their own hair. They crave good product. And, you have so much influence over the client while they are right in your chair, you may not even be aware of your own strength.

You can sense a client wondering what you are working with when you are shampooing, conditioning, or styling their hair. It is these precious moments when you simply need to educate your client on the products you are bringing into play.

Educate your client on the product, tell them what it is all about and you will create a sale without ever having to become something you're just not: a sales person.

Find the problem. Solve it — don't sell it.

Focus on solving your clients' needs. What needs do they have with hair that you are not currently solving? Do they have dandruff and need a good scalp therapy shampoo? Is haircolor fading and they desperately need a color safe shampoo?

When your focal point is solving the needs of your client, you will not feel you have to sell. No one wants to feel like they are being sold to, anyway. If it comes from the heart, and you are as authentic as possible, product sales will just come as natural results.

Some of these needs will become clearer to you during the client consultation. Analyze the hair texture — porosity, density, and elasticity — during your consultation. See what TLC the hair needs, and go from there.

If the hair needs volume, use a volumizing shampoo. If the hair is completely dried out, use a rich moisturizing conditioner. Explain what you are using, when you are using it, and the sale will just simply come to you.

Go on. Dare to ask the obvious. In the sales world, we are taught to close the sale. This technique is partially true for us as hairdressers and business owners. But once again, it is about education — not sales. Therefore, at the end of each visit, you may simply state something like, "What products do you need today?"

Avoid questions that require a yes or no. Questions that are thought-provoking and can gain information are the way to go. Even with the clients you have worked with for years can be the ones who need help with suggestions for take-home products. Think about it — what do they use already; what do they need now? Maybe it is something as simple as a trial-size spray for those special events.

You are the product. It's okay to sell yourself. Clients come to us and trust in us for our expert, professional opinion and recommendations. In this manner, we can truly service and help our clients with their hair care needs.

Any one of our clients can easily visit the neighborhood retail store and purchase shampoo. The stores they go to don't necessarily have to be beauty-specific these days, as beauty products are available everywhere.

The way to set yourself apart — to the world, your industry, and your clients — is to do your job as properly and as thoroughly as possible. This involves product education that only you can offer as your clients' trusted professional.

There is so much influence in what we do. Our teachable moments reside not only in our mouths, but, quite literally, in our hands. Product sales actually stem from our very own talented hands, as hair professionals and business owners.

So, be as "hands-on" as possible. Educate clients about what it is you are using on their hair. You won't even feel the need to close a sale. It will happen organically, hands-down!

Marco Pelusi is globally recognized as a haircolor trainer and platform artist. Marco Pelusi Hair Studio, Inc. was named Best Hair Color in Los Angeles by KTTV Fox11’s “myfoxla Hot List” competition. Pelusi created the Marco Collagen Color Guard HairCare System, the collagen system developed for color and chemically treated hair. For more information, visit



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