November 2012

Jerry Tyler

Blue Highways | by Jerry Tyler


Write a Prescription for Clients

In the beauty industry, sometimes we fail to take advantage of the opportunity that presents itself every time we have a client in our salon or spa.

This is the opportunity to provide products and services that are not ordinary but unique; something your client simply cannot buy at the local department store – a professional product including a professional consultation.

This point of service is the opportunity to speak directly focusing on the quality of your services while expressing the quality of your product. This process is often missed and makes a misplaced opportunity that will not only enhance the guest's experience but will expand your sphere of influence with the client.

If you use this opportunity you will create an authentic, engaging, memorable, value-added experience for your client. This extends your reach beyond the salon visit and can assure long term loyalty.

Adding the consultation of how to use the products while you are using them is the same as any professional who writes a prescription to send home with their client.

The prescription, proper use and professional recommendation of the products we use and rely on can be a major contributing factor in extending our reach to our clients. This value added approach can be a way to gain guest retention as we extend our influence from the salon into their day-to-day life with our prescribed products.

How we introduce these products is paramount. Perception is at play here and our underlying motives must be integrity driven.

With the high cost of labor, rent and products, many salons have added the sale of hair care, styling products and tools as a way to create greater revenue generation. By doing this they develop a sales or "Retail" culture in their salons. The word retail means "the sale of goods to ultimate consumers, usually in small quantities" (opposed to wholesale). This short term approach often has a small impact on the big picture because sales are considered an "add on" to the service in the salon.

This also requires the professional to move from being a service provider to a sales person. And, sadly in some cases, the unspoken focus is on the product sales more than the service revenues that use the products to begin with.

If we focus on the actual advantage we as professionals have, we can put our knowledge and expertise behind the use of our products and share that with our clients, then that information becomes a prescription. If we educate the guest on what the long term benefits are and allow them to experience the difference during their salon visit, then they will want to replicate the same positive experience with their hair at home.

We assure them they will have a "good hair day" every day outside the salon. The only sales part of this equation is the fact they purchased a prescribed product and didn't just buy it from a sales person. This integrity driven approach adds to our credibility and raises our perceived value in the eyes of our guests.

It has been shown that the client who purchases professionally prescribed products is more likely to return as loyal guests. This retention component is an added compliment to the great services we provide as professionals. This gives us the advantage by using our authority beyond the salon created with the help of professionally recommended products.

Jerry Tyler's column Blue Highways is his "Road Less Traveled" perspective on the solutions and challenges facing the beauty industry. With over 35 years in the salon industry as an industry leader, educator and artist. He is currently "Director of Industry Relations for Carlton Hair , former Board president of the California Board of barbering and Cosmetology and hosts his weekly radio show talking texture, hair and beauty on TEXTURERADIO. Tuesdays and Thursdays 9pm PST