October 2012

Lisa Kind - Editor

The Mane Objective | by Marco Pelusi


Your Niche is You!

One of the very best ways to build business is to build from an established foundation. And, an established foundation is comprised of a strong brand. Know and define who you are -- that is your niche.

Market your brand and your brand values. Be consistent in your branding and messaging, and then build from there. As for Marco Pelusi Hair Studio, our branding is all about the quality of hair and its color -- keeping its integrity while performing style-altering services.

Damage Control: As hair professionals, we need to be conscious of damage issues, so we may address the problem head-on. It may be you already do this on autopilot, but be sure to watch out for existing damage in your clients' hair.

Be mindful of compromised hair, so you can solve needs and create services for your clients behind the chair. Typical signs of damage caused by chemically treating and/or coloring hair include dryness, a lack of shine, and unmanageability. Additionally, hair color that fades quickly often appears dull, lifeless, and the mid-lengths and ends can look dark and flat compared to the regrowth area. This condition occurs as color is used repeatedly from scalp to ends.

Moderately damaged hair is a normal situation for many clients. We must create ways to restore our clients' healthy hair. Restoration solutions include the right products, the right treatments -- both home and in-salon, cutting maintenance services, hairstyling tools, and more.

Color Control: Don't forget about the use of less damaging, demi-permanent hair coloring. Generally, there is less or no ammonia in this product, which helps to prevent damage and hair often feels surprisingly better after this color service. The absence of ammonia -- combined with conditioning properties -- is what makes demi-permanent color a safe choice to refresh the dull, faded, lifeless mid-lengths and ends.

Demi-color is a great add-on service to offer just about any of your clients, and it will assist you in restoring clients' hair back to a healthy state. Utilize this type of service to regularly refresh the ends on your permanent haircolor clients. Additionally, a hair gloss is a wonderful choice simply to add shine to your clients' lackluster hair.

Cut Control: Give a trim for every client at every salon visit — even if it's just a little shaping. Removal of ends always allows the color to shine through and the damage to be removed. As industry professionals we know that quite often, it's very simply damaged ends are unable to accept color and can appear hollow in color and once these ends are removed, the color looks better. Our job is to educate our clients about this issue and encourage consistent trimming, especially when growing length.

Also, at home, as a universal rule, brushing is good for the hair. Some clients may actually think the opposite is true, but brushing the hair can be good for it. If the hair is very tangled, knotted, or damaged, it's best to slowly work your way through the knotted areas first. These areas are characteristically on the mid-lengths and ends. Once the tangles have been removed, you can work the brush through the scalp to ends. You can even take a moment or two while your client is in the chair and demonstrate good hair-brushing techniques. Also, if you happen to retail the brush you are using in demo, even better.

Treatment Control: What are other add-on services you may offer your clients to help to restore hair and control damage? Return your clients' hair back to health by offering deep conditioning protein treatments that can truly aid in strengthening and fortifying the hair, which allows for proper color longevity. Do it on-the-spot while you've got them in your chair.

The sun and the environment are the biggest problems with haircolor fading and hair damage in general, to your clients. The sun can cause dry, brittle ends, fading to unwanted tones, and, of course, frizz. What's even worse is that hair can obtain wreckage caused by swimming in a pool. As chlorine adds to dryness, builds up on the hair, and possibly negatively affects hair color.

My brand has always been, and always will be, "to maintain the quality and integrity of the hair while coloring." This is my motto. This is my niche -- my specialty. From color to cut to treatment to product, there are numerous ways to build, rebuild and protect the quality of hair -- prior, during, and after services.

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Marco Pelusi is globally recognized as a haircolor trainer and platform artist. Marco Pelusi Hair Studio, Inc. was named Best Hair Color in Los Angeles by KTTV Fox11’s “myfoxla Hot List” competition. Pelusi created the Marco Collagen Color Guard HairCare System, the collagen system developed for color and chemically treated hair. For more information, visit www.marcopelusi.com.



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