August 2012

LeAnne Velona

Strictly for Students| by LeAnne Velona


Taking the Next Step... Continuing Your Education

Learning doesn't stop when we leave school but it continues throughout life.

As we continue to learn, we continue to build upon our skills, which help position us for success in both our professional and personal lives.

A great way for stylists to continue learning is by enrolling in continuing education courses and looking for opportunities for advanced certification.

This is the secret to a successful career in the beauty industry. Whether it is fine-tuning your skills, learning new ones or staying on top of the latest beauty styles and trends, there are many benefits to furthering your beauty education including increasing your earning potential, enhancing your professional career and opportunities for career advancement.

Arguably one of the best perks of advancing your education is higher pay. Hairstylists and cosmetologists can ultimately earn additional income by taking continuing education courses to perfect the skills they already have or learn new ones.

By mastering your craft and becoming an expert in your field, you can increase your fees as your clients will see you as a more established stylist or cosmetologist. Don't be afraid to charge the price you think your services are worth. You can back up the prices you charge by explaining to your clients your expertise in offering a particular service as a result of advanced education and earning additional certification.

Stylists and cosmetologists can also take continuing education courses in fields they find interesting to learn new skills such as laser certification, microdermabrasion, eyelash extension certification, corrective color techniques, advanced hair cutting, nail art, and many more.

By learning new skills through continuing education courses, stylists and cosmetologists can up sell their current clients with luxury services, in addition to the haircuts and salon services that clients view as essentials. And, these newly acquired skills will help you stand out from the next stylist and attract potential new clients.

Earning a cosmetology license is the first step in becoming a beauty professional, but it is experience that will really determine how far you will go in your field. Continuing education courses are a great place to get additional real-life, hands-on salon experience. Look for courses, workshops, seminars or hands-on training in areas that are of interest to you, which will help keep your career in beauty exciting.

By enrolling in continuing education courses, putting more hours into your education and logging more hours behind the chair, the more confident you will become in your technique, recommending services to your clients and interacting with your clients. Continuing education also shows your clients, and salon owners, you are on the forefront of trends and the latest spa, nail or salon techniques. This will not only help you understand your job and the beauty industry better, but it will also help put your clients at ease knowing your expertise, and also give your clients the confidence to recommend you to new clients.

Every continuing education course you take is something you can list on your resume as professional experience. Think of continuing education courses as the building blocks to a successful career in beauty. The best careers begin with the best in education and experience.

Ongoing and continued education will help better service the needs of your clients and most importantly, continuing education courses benefit YOU as a stylist or cosmetologist. Advanced specialized training will make you more valuable in your field and help you work your way up to lead stylist positions or management positions. Additionally, specializing in a particular field or service will help you advance your career as much as it will help you increase your income.

One great thing about working in the beauty industry is you are in control of your own success. You have the power to make more money, grow your client base, market your services and of course, advance your education. More clients and greater profits come from keeping up with the latest trends and in maintaining advanced skills.

Cosmetologists and stylists continue to be in demand. In fact, the industry has grown in the past five years, despite the economic recession, and it is expected to increase by 20 percent through 2018, which is much faster than the average for all occupations.

LeAnne Velona, director of esthetics and massage therapy education for Marinello Schools of Beauty, has been a certified licensed esthetician for over 18 years and is also a licensed holistic health practitioner. Marinello Schools of Beauty offer cosmetology and esthetics programs at campuses in Arizona, California, Nevada, Oregon and Utah. For more information, visit