February 2012

LeAnne Velona

Strictly for Students| by LeAnne Velona


What Are Your Favorite Online Resources for the Beauty Industry?

When you are searching for expert beauty opinions, tips to succeed in the beauty business, options for continued learning in the beauty industry or the latest news and reviews, look no further than your computer.

Here are some of my favorite online resources for the beauty industry:

StyleSeat.com — StyleSeat is a social network for beauty and wellness professionals and it is a fantastic online tool for stylists to grow and organize their business. In creating a StyleSeat profile, stylists can get in front of clients, and potential new clients, by sharing information on services offered, highlighting areas of expertise and showcasing their work in an online portfolio. The online booking feature is a special component of StyleSeat.

Guests can book an appointment with a stylist directly through this platform. Style Seat also offers tools for client management such as sending automatic appointment confirmations, reminders and thank you notes, and the ability to store client information and history. Best of all, StyleSeat is free.

WWD.com — For beauty industry news, turn to the voice of authority for the fashion, beauty and retail industries – Women's Wear Daily, which has been established for more than 100 years. Every Friday edition of the print publication is dedicated to beauty. Its website, WWD.com, has a wealth of information on beauty including industry news, movers and shakers in the industry, and the latest in hair, cosmetics, spas and retailing.

Allure.com — "Daily Beauty Reporter" is a blog focusing on the best of beauty from the experts at Allure Magazine. You will love reading the editors' unbiased opinions on everything from skin-care advice, beauty trends, make-up looks and product reviews to celebrity looks, how-tos and new hair ideas.

The editors update daily so there is always new content to read. Overall, it is a great source from the experts as the only consumer magazine dedicated entirely to beauty. Allure Magazine has a tremendous voice on what's new and current in the beauty industry, and can help keep stylists knowledgeable about current trends.

BehindTheChair.com — This site is designed specifically for beauty industry professionals and beauty students. It is a one-stop shop for students. The website has articles, news and information, a show and class locator, job board, step-by-steps, a library of videos, forums, online learning tools, and more.

BehindTheChair.com allows visitors to exchange ideas, get the scoop on new products, locate the distributor of a particular line and find out information on current happenings in the industry.

NaturallyCurly.com — If you are looking for expert information in the niche market of curly hair, take a look at Naturally Curly.com. What started as an online community where curly-haired women could come discuss the best products for curly hair and advice for caring for curls has become a curly-hair destination. Curly tresses require special care and different products than straight hair, and NaturallyCurly is a community that empowers curly-haired gals to embrace and make the most of their curls.

What is the best thing about Naturally Curly is the fact that this community was created by two curly-haired women so they speak from first-hand experience in caring for curly hair. A fun component on this site is the Frizz Forecast Tool that not only gives you instant weather reports on conditions that can cause frizzy hair but also recommendations for frizzy hair remedies.

Temptalia.com — Temptalia is a top beauty blog owned by Christine Mielke with thousands of posts on beauty tips, in-depth reviews, tons of photos and tutorials, and feature posts. The best thing about Temptalia is the beauty guru's well-written reviews on the latest beauty products, especially MAC product launches, and the blogger's true passion for beauty, which is clearly evident in reading each blog post and review. Christine really makes an effort to connect with her fans and readers in responding to comments on blog posts, and her level of engagement on social media platforms such as Twitter and Facebook is second to none.

StylistNewspapers.com — Don't forget the Stylist Newspapers website has all of their informative articles, board news, product features and more on their website. Visit www.stylistnewspapers.com to view the digital edition as well as any archived columns and featured articles for the past several years.

Keeping up with beauty industry trends and news is essential for a successful stylist, and these websites are just a few of the many great online resources available to stylists. So pull up a chair, and spend some time finding your favorite beauty websites and blogs. Doing so will help you stay on top of the latest beauty trends and industry news so you can be a great beauty resource for your clients.

LeAnne Velona, director of esthetics and massage therapy education for Marinello Schools of Beauty, has been a certified licensed esthetician for over 18 years and is also a licensed holistic health practitioner. Marinello Schools of Beauty offer cosmetology and esthetics programs at campuses in Arizona, California, Nevada, Oregon and Utah. For more information, visit www.marinello.com.