May 2010

Lisa Kind - Editor

The Mane Objective | by Marco Pelusi


Ways to Boost Your Bridal Biz

It has been said that one satisfied client will eventually grow to five satisfied clients.

If you apply this “one = five” concept to your bridal business then you can see how important it is to do beautiful wedding hair.

Decide now to create bridal hair that cannot be duplicated anywhere else, because women at the wedding will take notice and will want to have that lovely hair.

There’s still big money to be made with the lovely brides of today even in a down economy. Take a long hard look at you and your team’s wedding styling and finishing skill sets.

It’s an art to truly be able to craft a hairstyle that fits each bride and each member of her bridal party. You need to honestly and accurately assess who in your salon has or does not have the proper crafting skills for this most important service.

After you determine who’s good at these skills, immediately begin promoting your team’s bridal styling expertise to your existing client base, and also immediately urge staff that needs to hone their skills to get educated about how to do bridal styles.

When any new bridal client comes to see you at your salon, provide an amazingly personalized consultation. Listen to each bride and make sure you go out of your way to please her. Try to do what she wants, within the parameters, or what is possible within the limitations of her hair, while also working trend into the hairstyle.

The most important thing to practice while styling a bride is PATIENCE. Realize it will take at least one trial run, or even perhaps a few trial runs, to work through and perfect her style. Build these trial runs into the service pricing structure upfront so there are no surprises. You also may need to incorporate hair pieces into the style, and the cost of these items must be discussed upfront as well.

A great way to build your bridal business is to offer bridal packages. Almost every savvy woman who desires a hair service, especially in a slow economy, wants a deal.

Even in a down economy, people are still getting married and most of them are on a budget. One of the simplest ways to advertise your bridal package is to run an ad in a local magazine or newspaper for a percentage off of a bridal hair service.

Another way would be to charge full price for the hair and offer the makeup for free. Yet a different example might be to charge full price for the bride’s services, and offer all services for her wedding party at a discount (e.g., half off). Everyone loves the words “half off,” so if you can find a way to incorporate that somewhere in your bridal marketing, do it.

And don’t forget that successful promotion includes beautiful photography – whether in a magazine, newspaper or within your salon. You may consider building a photo look book for your clients to view during their regular salon visits or bridal consultations.

Another key strategy to boosting your bridal business is to build strong bonds with local concierges or managers at hotels in your area. In every town, women travel to attend or be in weddings, and they’ll all need their hair done. The best and simplest way to attract a constant flow of new bridal business is to offer a local concierge or hotel manager a complimentary hair service. This will help foster a new relationship and allow him/her to experience your salon.

Concierge/hotel managers are a mouthpiece, so if you can win them with your professionalism and talent, they will speak highly of you. Every bridal party who stays in the hotel who meets the concierge/hotel manager will need local hairstyling services. If the concierge/hotel manager likes your salon, and likes the hair service that your team provided, you’ll get bridal and wedding referrals from the hotel.

Keep in mind an even longer-term goal: to develop a special relationship with the bride so that she remains loyal to you and your salon. Every time she looks at her pictures from her special day, she’ll think of you and her hair. The bride, her bridal party members and wedding guests who are happy will return. This is how you will know you’ve created a successful, long-term relationship.

About Marco Pelusi...
Marco Pelusi is globally recognized as a haircolor trainer and platform artist introducing the latest fashion haircolor trends at top salons. Marco’s experience began at his family’s upscale chain of more than 15 hair salons on the East Coast before his move to Los Angeles. There, he opened his exclusive studio in the heart of West Hollywood’s ultra chic NoRo district. Marco Pelusi Hair Studio, Inc. was named Best Haircolor in Los Angeles 2009 and 2007 by Fox11’s “myfoxla Hot List” competition.
Mixing his passion for haircolor with his extensive scientific expertise, Pelusi created the Marco Collagen Color Guard HairCare System, a complete collagen system exclusively developed for color and chemically treated hair and specifically formulated to prevent premature color fade. Pelusi’s system is available via his website



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