March 2010

Lisa Kind - Editor

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Participate in the Mentorship Process

Whether you are in the beginning stages of your career or just need a little guidance along the way, having a mentor can be your key to a successful and fulfilling career.

Having a mentor as well as being a mentor is the theme for the March issue of Stylist Newspapers. Charlene Abretske believes, “each person new to this industry needs someone in their path to look a little deeper, to take a little more time with them and to offer them encouragement.” She explains how becoming a mentor to someone can take many forms, from volunteering at beauty schools to hiring an assistant. Helping a stylist build their clientele while growing business skills not only inspires others, it will also help create your own legacy.

“People who seek out and find mentorship are people who are committed to being successful,” remarked Don Bewley, manufacturer, salon owner and educator. But he questions, “where have all the mentors gone?” His suggestions to find a mentor include starting with a salon owner or trying an industry networking group. From finding a mentor to jump start your career as well as sharing your secrets of success along the way, he thinks participating in the mentoring process is an important way to get involved.

Renowned consultant and educator, Geno Stampora tells Stylist readers that finding a mentor is as simple as just asking. “People like to feel needed and want to share their expertise,” he said in an article about The PBA Cutting Edge Mentor program comprised of volunteer members available to help others grow their business.

Judith Culp admits there is a limited amount of mentors available in the esthetics field. Although in her regular column, she explains that esthetic mentors are emerging with their own unique mentoring styles by networking on chat boards or through advanced certification programs. Her theory is the best mentoring comes from peers helping peers reach for a higher standard of technician skill. She answers the question, “where have all the esthetic mentors gone?” They are hiding in plain sight.

Mentors are an important asset in a successful beauty professional’s career. And, as you climb the ladder to success, don’t forget to stop on the rung of “mentorship” and give back to this industry by mentoring a new stylist just starting out.

In fact, we would like to hear about it. Maybe you’ve been thinking about someone who mentored you and want to give them credit. Here’s your chance. Is there someone important in your beauty career who guided you along the way? Tell us about someone who has mentored you along the way. Go to and follow the directions to share your story or email me at