February 2010

Lisa Kind - Editor

From the Editor | Lisa Kind


Social Networking: the New Marketing Tool

Is social networking the new marketing tool of this century?

We asked some of our friends on Facebook (yes, even Stylist Newspapers has a page on Facebook) to make some suggestions on how social networking can bring in new customers while keeping current clients informed.

 Sheila writes... “I like to keep my posts positive and upbeat like, ‘I’m having the time of my life with my customers at the salon’. Also, I advertise daily specials on my page that target stay-at-home moms, or specific local business employees. It really works!”

 Darryl says... “You have to be truthful, and disclose everything. No one on Twitter wants to hear that you are sleepy or that you are sick. When you do Tweet, it should be for a purpose.”

 So how can you benefit from the new world of online social networking? Read what Gerard McAvey shares, the things you should know about social networking to maximize your interaction from student to teacher, or technician to client. Don’t underestimate how far reaching and the diverse opportunity social networking provides.

Elizabeth Kraus emphasizes that the key to social networking lies in the word “social”. Using this media as a way to further increase your web presence and letting your clients and potential clients know more about you will create opportunity for word-of-mouth marketing (always the most important type of marketing) without being overt with your message.

Salon owner, Marco Pelusi believes using social media for marketing is way beyond a necessity anymore. He provides some immediate action steps to leverage social media and online tools to build your business.

Have you heard of YouTube? Video is going viral these days. If you are trying to build or grow your business, video gives the unique opportunity for prospective clients to feel they are already part of your business. Charlene Abretske suggests you use your video camera, get creative, post your video and you will find you not only excite your team you also propel your business upward.

 Social media gives you access to clients for little or no cost. Take advantage of these opportunities, but don’t replace your other marketing methods just yet. Use social networking as a way to enhance your business. And why you are out there, don’t forget to become a fan of Stylist Newspapers on Facebook. join in on the “social” conversation at www.facebook.com/StylistNewspapers

Cover Contest to be Held Monthly

We used our social network to decide on another issue and here’s the result: We asked what readers thought of using local beauty pro’s photo shot submissions for the covers of Stylist Newspapers on a monthly basis. In the past 20 years it has been our policy to use manufacturer’s professional models.

The results were overwhelming in favor of local beauty pros gracing the covers. Since Stylist Newspapers is YOUR newspaper we decided to give local beauty pros the opportunity to submit artwork for our covers every month. This will give our readers twelve times per year to potentially see their work on our cover instead of only once with our annual contest.

 We will still choose the best photo submission monthly, they have to be professional and of the high quality you have come to expect, however, we know many of you are superb at accomplishing that. You can submit as many as you want and anytime you get that perfect shot. For more information on what we are looking for, deadlines for each month and how to submit, email lisa@stylistnewspapers.com or check out www.stylistnewspapers.com.