January 2010

Lisa Kind - Editor

From the Editor | Lisa Kind


The Year of Client Experience

2010 marks the beginning of a new decade.

This is the year of renewed client experience. In this issue, we explore how to give your client more value for their dollar in order to be successful in the upcoming year.

Scott Missad believes we are transitioning from a technical driven industry to an experience driven industry. He reminds us to focus on the client experience in 2010. Look beyond doing a great service and take the opportunity to wow your clients at every opportunity. It’s not just about the haircut anymore.

From every visit and every salon experience, giving your client more value for their money is more important than ever. Judith Culp suggests going back to the business plan. It is time to evaluate every service offered and every product used. New beginnings bring new opportunities. Now is the time to assess our products, services, and business to make sure we are getting the best advantage of them.

With the impact the recession is still making on the economy, consumers are more aware of how and where they spend their dollars. They are hungry for comfort and small indulgences. Marketing expert Elizabeth Kraus suggests focusing your marketing messages in 2010 on the moments of comfort and indulgence your products and services can provide.

The beauty industry has done a great job creating the idea of “exclusive” and “luxurious” when it comes to salon products. But right now those concepts equal “too expensive” to the salon client. Charlene Abretske notes clients are looking for guidance on how to get the best product for the best price. It is time to start educating on how salon products can beat the competition in quality and price.

Jerry Tyler believes it is a matter of choice whether you flourish in today’s economy or struggle to survive. Perception equals reality. If you choose to only see doom and gloom around you that will be your reality. If you choose to see personal and professional abundance you can prosper in this current economic situation.

Read SpaFinder’s prediction of emerging trends that will shape the salon and spa world in the upcoming year. A common thread among these trends is that every one represents a benefit to the consumer: health, wellness, and the ideal experience.

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Stylist Newspapers wishes everyone a happy New Year. Here’s to a New Year with new opportunity of growth and abundance.