October 2009

Lisa Kind - Editor

From the Editor | Lisa Kind


The Internet — a Business Must

“Almost overnight, the internet’s gone from a technical wonder to a business must” — Bill Schrader

And that includes the beauty business. Even the smallest of business owners now have a way of reaching customers they never would have been able to a decade ago. The point has come down to it is essential to know how to use the world wide web and grow your salon business.

Charlene Abretske offers pointers for making your salon visible so all can see you. Utilizing the internet is a fun way to develop a fantastic relationship with your clients and increase your client count at the same time.

Wait a moment…. do you have a website yet? Read the first of a two-part series on creating a website. It’s no longer enough to simply be another beautiful on-line brochure and/or catalog. Your website becomes your client’s first experience with your salon and they make their first impression. It is a critical piece of the public relations and marketing mix today.

Using today’s technology may give beauty professionals an upper hand in the success department. Jerry Tyler suggests to feel truly blessed in today’s beauty business takes balancing the use of today’s technology as well as continuing to grow personal and professional development skills. In other words, building that one-on-one contact with your client is just as important as building your client email list.

Finally, are you ready to get hi-tech at the front desk? The thought of computerizing jobs that have always been done personally can be overwhelming for some. Tiffany Neumann tells what to look for in choosing the right salon-software system that will benefit your entire team.

Are you confused by new hair tool terminology—is it ionic or nano? Which clipper motor works better for thick hair? Don’t know the difference between tourmaline and ceramic, or what is supposed to be the best for hair? Industry experts offer helpful tool technology definitions to assist stylists when determining what tools will work best for their client hair type.

The internet provides beauty professionals with a great opportunity to build business. Online marketing, email blasts, blogging, surfing the web... these are all things that can be done to build a client list and develop relationships with clients. The key is to balance today’s hi-tech with the one-on-one personal relationships that are so important in the beauty industry. Happy balancing!

Lisa Kind,