June 2009

Lisa Kind - Editor

The Mane Objective | by Marco Pelusi


Get Motivated by Advanced Education

By Marco Pelusi

Even if it's the first class you've taken in years, take a class – any class – cutting, color, or styling.

If you leave the class with only one idea for your hair business that you didn't have before, it's worth it.

Challenge yourself by attending thought-provoking education – this can be at a hair show out of town, at a special event locally through a hair manufacturer, or simply through your sales reps and educators in your local area, and the list goes on.

Find someone who inspires you as an educator, and get a ticket to go see him/her. As hairdressers, we have to continually strive to be at the top of our game, to stretch our skills, and to grow. We must offer the very best and most current hair services. Keep in mind: “If you always do what you always did, you always get what you always got.”

Not that what we got in the past was all bad – but it's a new day – with different challenges and we must sharpen our hairdressing talents. Today's hair client is much more need-based.

Lately it's really about when he/she needs a root touch up, or needs a good grooming, perhaps for an interview for a new job (or here in Hollywood, for an audition) rather than just craving a new or different look. Haven’t you noticed this trend with your clients? We need to be at our best, so our clients perceive us as a valued service, so they don't wander elsewhere – and education is the way to stay on the cutting edge.

Take a moment and actually think through your planning and execution of your presence at a hair show or seminar. What is the first step?

Well, if you’re a salon owner, do you wish to somehow include your entire staff, or a portion of the staff? Do you wish to give them an incentive to work harder by offering a ticket to an event like this as a reward for retail sales or services? Separately, keep in mind, the entire class fee, as well as any expenses incurred, should or could be tax-deductible – simply check with your accountant to be sure.

This monetary reason should be enough incentive for you personally to make the drive, the flight, and/or the hotel, if necessary. Also, find out from the specific companies who are hosting the event if there is an enticement on their end with some free products or tools as a gift for your being there. Many organizations, especially in today’s economy, might very well be offering giveaways. Find out.

And finally, do your homework in terms of what will be the most useful education for you or your staff. Do you need to increase haircolor services? Go to a haircolor seminar and reap the benefits of new techniques, and hopefully receive some complementary haircolor or haircoloring tools. See what you can come up with. I guarantee it’s all at arm’s length.

As an example, I just taught my Hollywood Highlights technique onstage at the IBS show in New York. It was wonderful to share a technique used on celebrity clients with everyone. It’s motivating to both teach and learn new and creative haircoloring techniques. Attendees were able to tell all their clients they received a new color technique utilized on Hollywood celebs.

This is the gold  I wish to impart to you as hairdressers to build your business – that is – to be able to tell all your clients about where you’ve just been and what you learned. Clients love hearing about your bettering yourself and your skill set – and most definitely are more apt to do an add-on color or other hair service if they know it’s the latest and greatest technique trend.

I dare you all now to sign up for at least one education class coming up regionally within your area within the next month and reap the rewards. And, I wish to personally invite you all to attend the American Board of Certified Haircolorists Los Angeles and IBS Las Vegas – where I will be teaching more Hollywood color techniques.

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