June 2009

You’ve Graduated... Now What?

“Whatever you are, be a good one.”

Abraham Lincoln gave that advice and it’s still good advice for new graduates setting off in the beauty industry.

If you recently graduated from cosmetology school do you even know where to begin? You are not alone; there are many good beauty professionals who have gone before you.

June’s issue of is full of ideas and suggestions for the newly licensed professional on just how to start your career on the right track.

Business coach Lauren Gartland offers rules your beauty school didn’t teach you. She suggests creating a vision statement for your life. Envision your ideal career before you even begin and then believing you will achieve it.

Jerry Tyler stresses that success is an inside job. Without a clear and concise vision of where you want to arrive, how will you know you are on your way? He suggests that success “is the product of deliberate design, execution and completion of task in alignment with the intended outcome. Success occurs by design, not by default.”

So you graduate from school… what do you do next? One third of running a successful business is customer service, one third is business skills, and the last third is technique. Vicki Peters offers some survival ideas to help start you on the right foot.

Growing and maintaining your clientele will be something you continue throughout your career. On page 8, Charlene Abretske offers techniques on establishing your client base. “Knowing what to do is critical to your success and a skill every stylist must cultivate. Targeting your efforts to make sure you are looking for clients who fit into your schedule is critical to your success.”

Esthetician, Judith Culp understands the importance of learning the right techniques to put yourself in high demand. But finding the necessary advanced training, especially in the field of esthetics, can be quite challenging. On page 16, she suggests you beef up your education in other areas such as business, science and advanced training.

With over 100 entries, deciding the 2009 California Stylist cover contest winner was a tough decision. Congratulations to cover contest winner, Jena Wright and the P!ay Hair Lounge team from Simi Valley. Learn more about Jena and see second and third place winners, Ron Soto and Clark Russel, along with an incredible group of honorable mentions. Congratulations and thanks to all who participated making the winners truly tops in their profession

— Lisa Kind, Editor