June 2009

Jerry Tyler

Blue Highways | by Jerry Tyler


Success is an Inside Job

So, you have passed your State’s exam and received your license.

It’s similar to going to Driver’s Training School, taking the exam and receiving your license. But as a future beauty professional, you now have the opportunity to make the world beautiful, one head at a time.

At this time you may be pondering the age old quandary, “Where do I go from here?”

In my journey as an educator I am often confronted with a room full of future professionals in training. Often up to 50 percent of the class can’t even answer this simple question: “Why are you here? What do hope to achieve as your desired success?”

Many don’t even realize their success, or lack of, is solely in their hands. Many who know they want success feel it is something beyond their control. They believe if they are successful it is by some happy accident and they really had nothing to do with.

No one gives you success. It is the product of deliberate design, execution and completion of task in alignment with the intended outcome in mind. Success occurs by design, not by default. Indeed, success is an inside job.

It works from the inside out. Success is the end result of achieving your desired goals. Wynn Claybaugh, noted motivator, has a great saying, “If it’s meant to be, it’s up to me.”

In such a reactive society where most people are waiting for someone or something to make things happen for them, it is of little wonder the truly successful are so because they don’t just show up, they arrive on purpose!

They own their success. It is something that is already theirs to have and claim as their own. They act, they don’t wait to be acted upon. Their purpose is the practice of positive action. They are “proactive.”

While successful people are always active and engaged, they tend to work smarter not harder, but they always extend themselves beyond what is the expected norm. They are constantly pushing the barriers outward and they never stay stuck in a comfort zone.

You can’t stand still and expect to move forward at the same time. Successful people welcome and embrace change while continually creating new landscapes and enjoy being part of that positive process.

It is amazing how few know what they hope to achieve when first entering our industry. We are not given life’s operation manual with instructions to “begin with the end in mind.”

Without a clear and concise vision of where you want to arrive, how are you going to know how to get there or even when you are at your intended destination? Without a clear vision of where you want your life’s journey to take you, it is no wonder there are so many disenchanted people wandering through their lives. They are really LOST!

Successful people practice the process of “Personal Vision.” They know where they want to go and are aware of where they are in relation to where they want to be. With unwavering faith, they put all their energy into action and don’t stop until they reach their intended goal.

They maintain alignment between their vision and present actions to make sure they are in harmony. How do they know when they aren’t? When harmony is achieved, everything flows effortlessly. When conflicts arise, that’s a sign there is a barrier to the completion of the goal. Once the vision and action are put back into their intended place, harmony prevails and the journey continues.

Personal vision works with the use of “Mission” and “Vision” statements. These are the personal blueprints or agreements made that define what success means to you. It is a personal constitution you can reference to see if your actions are in alignment with your purpose or vision. These statements usually define what success will be, what actions will be required, and then what are the desired results. This “Be, Do, Have” model is the foundation of every successful personal vision statement.

After positive personal action and vision, the next most important component is the practice of positive choice. Again, the mandate for alignment comes into play here. Remember the path to success is a matter of choice not chance. Are our choices in harmony with our desired purpose as to the use of our actions to make things happen? If the choice is made in alignment with our purpose the end result is positive. Conversely, if we are out of harmony with our purpose as to our choice of actions, the result is usually negative.

If your passion was to be the world’s best colorist and to achieve this goal you got the best and most intensive education, your knowledge and skill could well put you on the way to your intended goal by choosing action in alignment with your desire.

If, on the other hand, you chose to stay with only the minimal skills you left beauty school with, only growing your ego by being a “legend in your own mind,” then your skills wouldn’t match your description and that lack of alignment would hinder the pursuit of your goal. Always remember, between what you are given and how you deal with it or respond to it, there is a choice.

At the end of the day the greatest gift and yet the greatest responsibility we have is to know we are the masters of our destiny. We define what success is to us personally and professionally. Define your success by what you want.

We need to spend more time at the beginning of the journey knowing what and who we want to be. Then we need to keep those dreams as thoughts guiding our actions with positive choices. Never forget that what we think about, we bring about. It has been said that human thought is one of the most powerful forces in the universe.

So at the start of our journey to guarantee our long term hope for success, we need to constantly be aware that the potential for continued abundance, is within our grasp. Although it may not be realized, it dwells within us and it is indeed an “Inside Job.”

Jerry Tyler’s column Blue Highways is his “Road Less Traveled” perspective on the solutions and challenges facing the beauty industry. Jerry Tyler has been a stylist since 1975 serving as the former artistic director for Vidal Sassoon Academy and currently as Director of Education for Carlton Hair salons. He is also a licensed cosmetology instructor and has served as President of the California State Board of Barbering and Cosmetology.