June 2009

Charlene Abretske

Beauty Business Buzz | Charlene Abretske


Techniques for Establishing Your Client Base

“What is the best way to get new clients?”

There is no magic bullet to make the clients suddenly appear and love you forever.

What it does take is consistent good habits, innovative ideas, and plenty of work. The race to establish your client base is not a sprint that is fast, furious and done quickly.

Growing and maintaining your base will be a constant throughout your career, knowing what to do is critical to your success and a skill every stylist must cultivate. Targeting your efforts to make sure you are looking for clients who fit into your schedule is critical to your success.

When you apply the following methods and techniques consistently, your base will grow.

Cause Marketing/Community Involvement
Find a cause, organization or choose an event that represents what your business stands for and what you feel passionate about. People like to see you

Internet Networking
Myspace, Facebook, Twitter, and Linkedin are just a few of the sites that are cropping up and gaining popularity rapidly. Create fan pages on these sites this will keep you in front of your clients on a regular basis and will change the way you do business. Anywhere where you have an audience of five or more people who have an interest in you and what you do should be utilized.Yelp and Kudzu are great consumer ratings websites where people can see what others are saying about you and your services. Beauty industry services are very personal and many times prospective clients want to know what people like themselves think of you and your work.

Cross Promoting
There are ways to approach other businesses and I recommend all of them. Get creative, meet other small businesses you can support and they will be more likely to support your business.

Offer services to employees of another business your target market also frequents, those employees will be excited and you will get a better response if they have experienced your service. Ask if you can place a Fishbowl/Vase/Box in their business for a special offer of a free haircut, facial, or massage attached somewhere on the vessel. This is for the purpose of collecting names and contact info of the patrons of that business. Collect them weekly (or when you have down time) then call and let them know they are a winner.

E-marketing exchange
Exchange email addresses with another business and ask if you can offer their clients a special offer and vise/versa. Two client lists are better than one.

Gift card exchange
with another business by giving gift cards to the top clients of your business partners and ask them to do the same for you.

Join Networking Organizations
Le Tip, chamber of commerce, etc., any networking organizations where you can meet face to face with the participants. Choose an organization where they encourage a lot of interaction with each other.

Business Cards
Your business cards should be in the hands of clients who can get you in touch with New Renters packages at Apartment Complexes; Large corporations; Hotels; Colleges; Schools.

Now that you have worked so hard at bringing in the clients there are two critical and key factors to insure you keep your clients coming back.

Rebooking the clients you gave so much effort to get continues your success. You want to retain as many clients as possible and consistently asking every single client, every single time to rebook will help you keep them.

Keeping in touch with your clients on a regular basis keeps the relationship going even between appointments. The easiest way to do so is by utilizing e-marketing for your clients to give them a “Hi, I am here and still want you as a customer,” to let them know you care is simpler and easier than you might think. Make sure you use a service specifically designed for e-marketing, not only will you have a reporting capability but you will have much better results than from your personal email address.

Charlene Abretske is a business advisor with Your Beauty Network and supports salons and spas with growing their businesses through on demand back office tools designed for beauty professionals. For more information about how Your Beauty Network can help, call toll free (866)364-4926 or email info@iybn.com.