April 2009

Lisa Kind - Editor

From the Editor | Lisa Kind


What Does Booth Renting Mean to You?

Maybe to a salon professional it could mean an opportunity to be self-employed and in control of your own work space. Or it could conjure up nightmares of financial risk and responsibility. To a salon owner it could be the final effort of change to keep the salon afloat, or maybe a great opportunity for financial independence.

April’s issue of the Stylist is not an attempt at tackling the complicated topic of Booth Rental in one issue. It is simply a look at the different salon models – employee-based or booth renter-based – to help determine which option works best for you.

Salon management consultant Ken Cassidy knows personally the challenges and benefits of owning both employee-based and booth rental salons. He considers either salon model an excellent way to run a business. He says businesses run into trouble when they lack the proper legal, profitable and management structure. Turn to page 6 where he explores some important issues concerning salon set-up.

What about the esthetician or skincare clinic? Do the same rules apply when it comes to booth renting? You bet they do. Judith Culp breaks down the pros and cons of each salon model for both owners and technicians. Her guideline: The person who bears the financial risk and has the most to lose also gains the ability to control. The person with less risk surrenders control in exchange for what they see as the freedom of responsibilities.

Business coach Charlene Abretske suggests you get real and be honest with yourself to determine the best job option. She offers a list of questions for both owners and independents to ask themselves before making a choice between booth rental and commission.

With the concerns in today’s job market, have you found yourself re-evaluating your current views on employment? Jerry Tyler states his beliefs that whether a person is employed or independent, their ultimate success lies in the ability to create happy and loyal clientele. The environment you choose should reflect what will allow you to create and maintain the best fit for the clients you can keep happy and loyal.

Just for a change of pace, take a few moments to read “Three Months of Marketing” our newest column by Elizabeth Brown. She tackles the challenges of marketing faced by salon and spa professionals in the booth rental market. The independent has to deal with every aspect of marketing all by themselves without the support staff found in larger salons and corporations.

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2008 cover contest winning entry by Jeffrey Dufault and Vadre Grigsby of El Dorado Hills

Lastly, with all this heavy business talk regarding booth rentals, take a refreshing breath and have fun working on your entry for our 2009 Stylist Cover Contest. It is such a fun and exciting way to renew your artistic juices. Deadline is May 1 so you don’t have much time. For information visit our cover contest page or give me a call at (503) 297-7010 x204. Good luck!