March 2009

Charlene Abretske

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Can You Afford Not To Be Green?

Technology has made it much easier to be green in our daily lives.

A couple of short decades ago there were very few, if any, quality organic beauty products to use and feel good about.

Many businesses are using these products exclusively, and now green is spreading to other areas of business. Many salons and technicians have already changed what they are doing in the area of client communication and are reaping the benefits of the “green revolution.”

How do you take part in this revolution? One of the ways to do this is through e-mail marketing. It is fast, efficient, and allows your clients to know what is happening in the salon between their appointments.

Digital communication is not the wave of the future, it is happening right now. If you are not using this type of tool, you are behind the pack; more and more salons are riding this wave and seeing success in their bottom line.

One example of this is Marc Tolliver of Lava 405, in Hawaii, who is using e-marketing and online booking and seeing fantastic success. His clients love receiving his “Lava Lounge” e-newsletters and the e-marketing tool is driving traffic to his chair and his appointment book. While other stylists in his salon are in an economic slow-down, he is busy and just raised his prices.

Why is e-marketing working? It taps into two trends. One is convenience and the other is eliminating the waste factor. Ask yourself: “What would it be like for you to be the exception to the rule by making more profit with happier clients, in a down economy?”

The answer is to begin by imagining what is convenient for your clients. Does digging in their wallet or purse frantically looking for that business card for your contact info to book an appointment sound convenient?

This is not convenient for your clients and can lead them to go elsewhere in their frustration. Offering your clients the ability to go to the internet on their phone or computer, without digging and see in their inbox what is the latest thing happening, for them, in your business is far more effective.

Don’t underestimate the power of green. Perceptions are changing about mail, and waste, so why not decrease your waste by using e-marketing and cutting down on your direct mail? Using the old fashion way is costly to your pocketbook and to the planet. There will always be clients who like receiving hard copy in the form of a newsletter or other piece of mail; however, this is rapidly changing.

Here are some statistics from The Fun Times Guide to Living Green on direct marketing mail:

When you consider what works for your clients in the area of communication think about a client who was just in your salon yesterday. This client will not be in for another five to seven weeks. What if their favorite product line goes on sale at your salon for one month, but they lose the opportunity to buy and save because you didn’t inform them?

By not informing clients of sales and special offers you are not achieving all the value to that client you could have. Which one of us enjoys to be devalued as a consumer? In this unstable economy your clients are desperately looking for ways to save money on their services with you, to continue their visits. Don’t you owe them the courtesy of keeping them informed of the ways you can save them money on what you offer?

Effective e-mail marketing is revolutionary. Consider the recent presidential election when the Obama campaign took e-marketing to new heights and many experts state the effectiveness of the communication through e-mail mobilized campaign efforts to lay the ground work for their historic victory. If e-mail marketing could be a major catalyst in a presidential victory think about what it can do for your salon or spa.

Recent surveys show e-marketing trends:

Email is used by 79.1% of marketers surveyed, while postal direct mail is used by 75.4% of marketers. - Direct Marketing Association (2008)

66% of those surveyed said they had made a purchase because of a marketing message received through email. - ExactTarget, 2008 Channel Preference Survey (2008)

Adults under 34 want everything from new offer notifications to account alerts to special promotions via email. - Mintel Comperemedia (2007)

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