February 2009

Lisa Kind - Editor

From the Editor | Lisa Kind


Reinvent Yourself and Reignite Your Passion for this Industry

With too many distractions stressing many of us, and too much pressure weighing us down, we need the occasional reminder to find balance and happiness in our lives.

This month’s Stylist will help reignite your passion for the beauty industry by reinventing yourself. Often times, we think we need to focus on one thing in life in order to be any good at anything. The truth, however, comes down to balancing work, family life, friends and other interests so we have well rounded and satisfying lives.

Jerry Tyler believes your attitude shapes your reality. When your attitude is out of sync with your desires and goals, you feel it. Sometimes an attitude adjustment is in order. In his article “Balancing Love of Work With the Rest of Life,” Jerry will introduce you to a great tool used to adjust your attitude, the “I am” statements. Check out his article to see if your attitude is align with your desires and goals.

Judith Culp’s column, “Take Control of Your Time and Balance Your Career and Life,” highlights, among other things, ways you can grab up little pieces of time throughout your workdays so you won’t have to work during your off time. She also highlights the mistake some make by assuming that balance and success are an either-or choice; the truth is they are compatible if you are creative with how you accomplish them.

There is more to balance and reinvigoration than concentrating on all the little details. Shannon Wells’ article “How to Create Energy in Your Life,” is a reminder that productivity isn’t just about the little details, it’s also about keeping your energy up and your feeling of accomplishment high. She suggests to review your accomplishments at least once a month to give you a sense of satisfaction and appreciation, both of which are essentials ingredients to boosting energy.

Finding time for work, family, friends and self can leave us feeling pulled in too many directions. Anne Moratto interviews fellow beauty professionals for guidance and suggestions on maintaining “A Beautiful Balance”.

Neil Ducoff’s column Better Business suggests making a commitment to lifelong learning. What is your personal program for learning? Are you commited to personal change? One cannot occur without the other. If you are resistant to change, no learning endeavor will find its way into your salon. View his article “Commit to Lifelong Learning” for an overview of tools to use to expand your knowledge.

On another note, be sure to read our newest column Retail Matters by Gordon Miller. Over the next several months, Gordon will elaborate on why retail is an overlooked, yet important part of a salon’s success. He will give you information on how to implement a winning retail program in your salon and maximize your salon revenue potential.

Lastly, to reignite your passion for your career, enter our 2009 California Stylist Cover Contest. Get recognition for your skill and creativity by having your work featured on the cover of our June issue along with an article all about you! Our annual cover contest is in full swing. Deadline is May 1, 2009. Go to our cover contest page for more information and entry forms. Watch upcoming issues for suggestions and tips to make your entry this year’s winner!

Have a happy and balanced February!