February 2009

Shannon Wells

Beauty Business Buzz | by Shannon Wells


Create Energy in Your Life

Think of a time you were truly productive in your life, of a time when you felt like you were being proactive and you had almost everything crossed off your to-do list. How did you feel?

The times in our lives we are most productive are the same times our energy level is so high it is through the roof.

What if you could have that burst of energy whenever you wanted? Imagine what it would be like to have the feeling of productivity and success as a standard part of your life. How would that affect you?

Here are three strategies you can use to maintain this level of energy to drive your success.

Take Time Off: Taking time off from your job may seem counter intuitive to being productive and successful at work, but in fact the opposite is true. Taking time off and completely disassociating yourself with your work will actually make you more productive.

Highly effective and energetic people realize the importance of recharging their batteries to gain new perspective. You can then return to work refreshed and relaxed with a positive attitude.

Not taking some time off can lead to mental and physical problems. Spending time with your family or traveling to new lands can make you a better-rounded, happier individual. In fact, according to a recent poll, 84 percent of Americans reported feeling rejuvenated and reconnected with family and friends after a vacation and 80 percent report having a more positive outlook about their jobs after they take time off.

Realize Your Current Success: In our over-achieving culture, it’s very common to minimize accolades in exchange for the pursuit of the next big thing we need to accomplish. When we don’t take the time to recognize the things we do, or to be recognized for them, we miss a very important step in the process of creating energy. Feeling proud, accomplished and appreciated is a huge energy booster.

At least once a month, and more frequently if possible, take the time to make a list of your accomplishments and revel in your success. On the flip side, make sure you also take the time to recognize your coworkers’ or employees’ successes. This will not only boost their energy, it will also give you a sense of satisfaction and appreciation, which are essential ingredients to boosting energy.

Your Body the Temple: Many of us completely underestimate the importance of taking care of our physical self as a key component in keeping energy at its peak. What many people don’t know is that the key to creating energy through physical activity is to do something you truly love.

Remember the saying: Laughter is the best medicine. This applies to physical activity also. The most enjoyable activities are the most beneficial. So do activities that you love and things that make you happier and brighter. Dragging yourself to the gym for a mandatory 3K on the treadmill does not necessarily foster energy.

Keeping your energy up is key to the productivity that we all desire. Our energy level is like a rechargeable battery, even when it is almost drained of resources, a quick infusion of positive thoughts and activities can bring it back to a good level. Create your own “energy creation plan” to ensure 2009 is the most productive year you’ve ever had.

Shannon Wells is a consultant for Your Beauty Network, a beauty industry ongoing business support service. YBN offers a membership based business support resource used by over 700 salon and spa owners. For more information, visit www.ybn.com, call 866-364-4926 or e-mail info@ybn.com.