January 2009

Lisa Kind - Editor

From the Editor | Lisa Kind


You Have Power to Thrive in 2009

OK, maybe “power” is overstating it, but you do have influence over this new year.

We all own 2009. We aren’t deaf to the news about economic difficulties, we aren’t unaffected, but we can all choose not to let difficulties own us. We own 2009. We own the economy. We own the talents we bring to our businesses.

So how can you go about taking control? How can you help change the world? I bet you are already doing it, and reading this issue of the Stylist will make you even better at it.

To set the mood Jerry Tyler’s article “True Success is a Matter of Choice” reminds us of what change each member of the industry can bring to people looking for relief. You may not have equated your role in the salon as being similar to a movie star, but his insights into how the movie industry helped during the Great Depression just might help you see the reason you can.

You’ll find another famous media reference in Judith Culp’s article “Esthetiticans are Caught Between the Best and Worst of Times." She reminds estheticians how great the times are now, with unparalleled opportunities and technologies. Although the economy dampens the enthusiasm of many, she’ll point out simple and practical ways you can hone your practice to survive the worst of times.

Following along the theme of staying positive about 2009, look at “Beauty Industry Leaders Remain Optimistic in 2009.” You will enjoy the upbeat message you will find in the interviews found there.

One specific source of revenue, and thereby survivability, can be found in an article from the NCA. It explains how “Retail Matters,” highlighting reasons retail is good and can help you survive in these tough economic times. It also highlights a new campaign NCA is undertaking to help the industry pull through until the economy equalizes.

There are a few things you should be aware of with the upcoming political changes. “PBA Tracks Political Changes” will take you through several legal and financial changes that might take place soon. You will be glad to know all but one are potentially positive changes. Look and see what you think of these possible upcoming changes.

Setting goals should be your first step to empower yourself to thrive in 2009. Shannon Wells article “Top New Year’s Resolutions that Will Create a Powerful Business,” she offers five top resolutions to consider implementing that can be a powerful dynamic in creating a successful year for your business.

Although the economy is suffering, the beauty industry remains steadfast. A positive attitude and optimistic outlook does wonders for your clients, imagine what it can do for you! Never feel powerless. You have power and influence. I invite you to use them in 2009 to make yourself – and your industry – thrive.