January 2009

Shannon Wells

Beauty Business Buzz | by Shannon Wells


Top New Year’s Resolutions that Will Create a Powerful Business

The word “resolution” strikes fear in the hearts of many this time of year.

Whether it’s because you’ve made a million resolutions before and never accomplished any of them, or you’re fearful of the time, effort and money that go into accomplishing most resolutions, unbelievably, there is still good reason to make new resolutions for 2009.

The fact is, if you never set goals, there is nothing out there for you to accomplish. And if you approach New Year’s resolutions as goals, rather than promises you’ll probably break, they can be a powerful dynamic in creating a successful year for your business.

That said, here are five top New Year’s resolutions to consider implementing in your business that will help you create a powerful, unforgettable new year.


Make Business Education Mandatory

Many salons and spas recognize the importance of sending themselves and their staff to hair shows to learn the latest cutting and technical trends. Some businesses, however, overlook the simple fact it’s not the cuts, colors and facials they are struggling with, it’s making more money and successfully growing their business.

Business education comes in all shapes and sizes. Making sure owners and staff alike are partaking in some sort of education designed to develop their business skills is mandatory in today’s economy. From books to private business consulting, make it a point to schedule and participate in the business education you need this year.


Enter a Contest or Award Competition

There’s nothing more motivating than healthy competition. It highlights what works in your business and is a great way to get not only recognition, but to make sure you are at peak performance.

The beauty industry offers countless contests and awards to exemplary salons and spas. Find a program you could qualify for by doing some research online or using industry magazines. It’s a great, fun way to push yourself and your staff into performing at the top of your game.


Clean it Up and Throw it Out

Vow to hit the ground running by making sure you have a fresh, clutter-free business to start the new year.

Take advantage of the typically slow month of January to get your entire team involved in freshening up the business. Make a hit list you can accomplish by January 31. Make sure to include the retail area, front desk, back break areas, office space and individual stations. Anything from a fresh coat of paint to new wall décor can really make a difference and build an environment geared towards new success.


Make New Friends

Many businesses are finding themselves in similar situations with the economic slow down. Now is a great opportunity to seek out and develop mutually beneficial relationships with businesses that have similar clientele and want to drive new business.

Make a list of the businesses in your community that service your ideal clientele. Consider businesses that are naturally generating more business during this time of year. Fitness gyms are a great resource this time of year because January is typically their biggest client influx.

Most companies welcome opportunities to enhance the value of their memberships with “free” promotions. Perhaps offer a free cut with a paid color and style service. Don’t be afraid to walk right in, meet with the manager and strike up a partnership.


Devote Time to Your First Priority

This last resolution may sound a bit vague, but it’s really a chance to examine what is most important in your life and to carve out special time to dedicate to it. How?

First, have your team make a list of the top 10 things you and they most want to accomplish in 2009. Then, look at the first two items on the list and cross off the less important item. Repeat this step with the new top two items until just one remains.

Have each person write on their calendar the time each week to devote to the task. Since everyone does this, it will create camaraderie and team spirit, as well as assuring you accomplish the task.

And there you have it, a list of not so scary resolutions that you can implement in your business to create a dynamic 2009. Remember, resolution by definition is the resolve to accomplish something. No matter what’s on your list, relate to each item as a goal and guideline to keep yourself moving forward in your life and your business.

Shannon Wells is a consultant for Your Beauty Network, a beauty industry ongoing business support service. YBN offers a membership based business support resource used by over 700 salon and spa owners. For more information, visit www.ybn.com, call 866-364-4926 or e-mail info@ybn.com.