December 2008

Lisa Kind - Editor

From the Editor | Lisa Kind


Reader Gratitude is My Inspiration

For those in the beauty industry, December can be a month of chaos. From trying to schedule every client and her brother in for the holiday ‘dos to preparing for your own holiday celebrations, the end of the year can be quite hectic.

That is why I chose to offer you an easy-read this month. No heavy topics about finances and economy, booth renting or diversion, just a nice, friendly issue on inspiration, both where we can draw inspiration and how we can inspire others.

Have you had people in your life that inspired you? Perhaps it was a teacher in grade school or beauty school. Perhaps it was a parent—or even both of your parents—or another relative. Maybe your list is long and full of inspiring people, or just one person that you feel shaped your whole life.

Jayne Morehouse asked industry leaders to share who inspired them along the way. Some attribute their inspirations to well-known industry leaders like Vidal Sassoon or Nick Arrojo; some are inspired by their friends and families and still some are inspired by the hard-working hairstylist for their drive and determination.

Vicki Peters gives us a personal look how certain people inspired her. Sometimes inspiration comes in different forms and not when you would expect it. See what and who has inspired her over the years.

It can be easy to forget that each of us can also inspire others. I know many people who imagine they are too insignificant, without adequate talents or for some other reason that disqualifies them to be inspirational. But even humility can inspire—so even the humblest of us can do it.

Jerry Tyler has spent the last several months being a mentor to students. He has found renewed faith knowing that shepherding those new to the beauty business leaves this industry in good hands for the future and to him, that’s inspiring. Jerry shares some of his personal experiences about being a mentor while being mentored himself. He believes being a mentor costs little but the dividends being paid back can never truly be measured.

Shannon Wells takes you down to ground level and reminds everyone what it’s like for a client looking for a new beauty professional. She explains the hunt, the anticipation, the process and the result; how you can inspire your clients all along the way. She tells you how a pregnant woman, such as herself, can have her whole outlook changed by a caring and talented professional.

The idea of “Paying It Forward This Holiday Season” is discussed by Gabrielle Slanina. You will be reminded how we can inspire others with our charitable giving. Whether it is locally, nationally or globally, remembering those needing assistance can create a snowball effect of inspiration and this is something we can do ourselves, and inspire our salon teams and our clients to do.

And what about that nice glow giving provides? Judith Culp’s article, “Finding Your Place in the Community,” will take charitable giving one step further. You’ll find specific examples of things salons and spas can do to make a difference in their local communities; thereby, grounding our businesses into our areas, and solidifying our place as respected leaders.

On a slightly different note, most of us will be adopting resolutions for the new year. Neil Ducoff offers “Ten No-Compromise Resolutions”. Re-evaluating where your business has been for the past year and what you’d like to see going forward is an important step to help lead your salon and your team to a profitable future.

As for me, your editor, the thanks and gratitude I receive from our readers for providing this regional connection for the beauty business is my inspiration. We strive to gather information from experts to give you the tools you need to create a flourishing business and career. You provide the skills and talent. Together we are our own inspiration!

On a final note, I’d like to take this opportunity to say how grateful we are to all the advertisers that support Stylist Newspapers. They are true inspirations. Without them, you would not be reading your very own trade newspaper right now mailed to you free of charge every single month without fail. We could not do it without the support of our advertisers. Please let them know how much you appreciate them.

Happy Holidays!
Lisa Kind, Editor