October 2008

Lisa Kind - Editor

From the Editor | Lisa Kind


Marketing is Still the Most Important Ingredient in Your Business

No matter how great you are, if people can’t find your salon or spa, you’ll never get to prove it.

This month’s Stylist focuses on marketing to help you find ways to bring people into your place of business.

Suppose you own a spa and you’ve been struggling to build that perfect service menu that’ll bring droves of people to experience the wonderful pampering you offer. Would you like some help putting the menu together? If so, check out Judith Culp’s article “Creating Your Perfect Menu.”

Marketing knowledge is essential this time of year to plan your holiday strategy. And bear in mind the holidays are trucking toward us full throttle. We all know our businesses need to grab as much of the holiday plenty as we can. Let Neil Ducoff tell you all about “Creating a Holiday Crush.” He’ll tell you how to compare your historical performance to your goals, and create a winning strategy to fulfill those goals.

Planning ahead is the topic of “Prepping Your Salon and Staff for Holiday Traffic” , and you’ll be reminded of the importance of doing a little up-selling that not only helps everyone look extra festive this season but also helps your bottom line.

Getting people into your establishment is easier and return customers more often if your business stands for something. What is your brand known for? Are your customers aware of your philosophy? For help in using this approach to help your business, we have a couple wonderful articles for you.

Jerry Tyler’s “Branding” article will help you see how having a clear picture of what you stand for and determining what motivates people to become faithful clients can help you create a real brand awareness. Reading his probing questions, and consider how you answer can make a real difference in helping you create an image people will identify with and seek out.

Then let Vicky Peters’ article blow your mind by telling you a brief story about Mac computers and iPods. Trust me; it all makes sense once she finishes explaining. She helps you see how some of the biggest names out there helped all of us identify what their name means, what they stand for. Then she’ll give you some great ideas for how you can do it too.

Then there’s the ever-confusing world of advertising. Have you ever wished you knew “The Who, What, When, Where and Why of Advertising”? Shannon Wells’ discussion of the secrets of not just throwing your money at a bottomless advertising pit, but careful planning your financial strategy of an advertising well. She’ll remind you of not only the necessity of advertising, but also the importance of knowing and using some key factors in advertising.

So you’ve mastered your marketing and advertising plan and your salon is full to it’s capacity. Have you ever considered opening a second location? Get some advice from those in the know by reading How to Know When the Time is Right to Grow.Industry leaders from the International Salon Spa Business Network share their insights, experience and advice.

This issue has more in store for you than what I have mentioned. Although the focus of this month’s Stylist is a little more nitty-gritty deep thinking about a heady subject, we still tried to keep it fun and engaging. I hope you enjoy the whole issue, and I am interested in any comments you may have on how the advice you find here works out for you. Email me at lisa@stylistnewspapers.com.