September 2008

Lisa Kind - Editor

From the Editor | Lisa Kind


Reach for the Stars—Reach for a Beauty Career

How many people do you know wish they could amaze people with their artistic abilities? How many mothers, sons, uncles, nieces, friends do you know need good incomes but flexible hours?

This month the Stylist tries to remind you why you love the beauty industry and what makes it great—and then we ask you to tell a friend. Our focus this month? Recruiting students into cosmetology.

Why? For one, because I think we’re all tired of beauty students getting a bad rap: this is no place for uneducated losers! This is for the successful artisan; it is for the single mom who supports her kids and yet is always home for them on time; it is for the future mogul looking to colonize the country, or the world, with their brand and make a fortune. This is a place for people who want to be creative and successful, and we want everyone to know it.

So what paths can we offer people who want to find their success in the cosmetology field? Let me highlight a few articles as examples.

Have you heard of assistant training programs? Shannon Wells will enlighten you on how new beauty school graduates can find their way into high-end salons faster when those salons offer this type of program. She also explains they keep a steady stream of personnel ready and waiting on clients and waiting to fill in if a current stylist leaves the salon. This allows you fill the position immediately, and with someone who already knows the right way—your way—of doing things.

Our ever-enlightening esthetics writer, Judith Culp, highlights the wide diversity of opportunities open to estheticians. Does anyone you know wish they could help people look better and feel good about themselves, while working closely with medical personnel? Or perhaps they want to make their local TV weatherperson HD ready with a specialized facial and hand treatment, or maybe even work in Hollywood. The options are wide open.

You’ll find information from an educator’s point of view in the article “Recruiting Students into Cosmetology.” Frank Schoeneman will tell you, while educators may be the front line in recruiting new students to the industry; all sectors of cosmetology would do well to be actively recruiting. While you’re reading, you may be surprised at the amazing percentages you find there describing the health of, and the need for more workers in, the beauty industry.

I hope you agree with Jerry Tyler’s assessment, that “It Is a Great Time to Become a Beauty Professional.” From his decades-long experience, he draws parallels between the 70s and now, and how even tough economic times not only do not lessen the draw of the industry, they enhance it. Why? Look for the story in his article about someone who even weathered the Great Depression working in a salon. Listen as he assures you that you can tell potential new students of the heartiness of cosmetology even in tough economic times.

“From Gifted Grads to Great Hairstylists” will explain how you can successfully recruit students from cosmetology schools. This proactive approach, as explained by Kerrin Delaney, can give you a real leg up when it comes to finding talented individuals to fill your stations and keep your clients as happy as they can be.

This issue is a call to action for all of us who love the professional beauty industry. My hope is that you’ll spread the word about the greatness of the wonderful career you’ve chosen. If you reach more people and tell them how much you love what you do, maybe by this time next year you’ll have more new talent joining your ranks and enhancing your services. So let everyone know why your career makes you smile.

On another note... The Ohio Stylist will have a booth at the Mid-American Beauty Classic in Columbus, Ohio, September 21-22. Stop by and say hi to myself and advertising director, Marcy Avenson. We would love to meet you and hear any feedback you have about your newspaper. See you there!