August 2008

Hannah Mayo

Marketing Solutions | by Hannah Mayo


Add Volume and Texture to your Clients' Hair with Extensions

Hair extensions: their commonly accepted name does not do them justice.

Professional hair extensions are not just for extending the length of your client’s hair. And much more than creating a mere illusion like other styling tools; with professional hair extensions you can instantly add exciting new physical volume and texture to thin and lifeless hair.

Women today are constantly trying to add endless volume and texture to thin and flat hair. Everyone wants the hair they see on the celebrities.

Achieve this easily and instantly by simply adding professional extensions. Either choose a full head of extensions for maximum volume or strategically place extensions where volume is needed the most.

Not all professional hair extensions are the same. You must explore all of the variables, qualities, technologies and options available to you. Unlike the previous use of synthetic or blended hair that looked unnatural and was more difficult to style, most professional salon hair extension manufacturers now use only real human hair which looks, acts and feels completely natural.

Still, there are discernable differences in hair types, textures and processes between the various professional hair extension manufacturers. They now offer extensions in a variety of colors and textures, ensuring a perfect match to your client’s hair. This variety makes the possibilities endless for you and your salon clients.

Many companies use pre-bonded extensions, rather than a separate adhesive, thus avoiding difficulty and mess. Many manufacturers have taken the appeal of pre-bonded extensions one step further by using 100 percent keratin protein pre-bonded tips. This is the protein your hair is made of, and it creates a very strong, healthy and long lasting bond that ensures long-term results. Keratin bonds are easy and safe to remove. With regular maintenance and checkups in the salon, clients can often wear their hair extension for up to six months.

Adding new volume with hair extensions is a great solution for people suffering from alopecia, male or female pattern baldness or even hair loss from chemotherapy. For some hair replacement clients, the benefits of hair extensions surpass those of other replacement options. Many people do not want something as drastic as surgery or a wig, while others may not want to hassle with applying topical solutions or hair fibers. Hair extensions are a more permanent and discreet way to add volume to thin hair.

Beside their user-friendly appeal, extensions also allow for various hair styling options because they are treated like natural hair. And, with so many colors and textures to choose from, extensions provide an endless number of creative styles such as adding highlights, lowlights and various textures to add dimension.

In order to add hair extensions, your client should typically have at least two inches of hair to bond the extensions to. Yet, this is not always required.

In fact, an innovative bond has been created specifically for chemotherapy patients and other hair loss clients. Generally known as mini or micro grafts, these flat bonds attach to the client’s existing hair using cold fusion bonding. This procedure is suitable for the early stages of alopecia, primarily stages one and two. This allows application of extensions much closer to the scalp, adding instant volume and length without the worry of visibility, which is crucial for clients who have thinning hair.

In order for your clients to maintain their striking new tresses, proper home care is essential between salon visits. Clients need to be educated to use the proper hairbrushes, shampoos and styling tools that will ensure their hair extensions will stay intact for the maximum duration. Make specific recommendations. Look for a hair extension company that has everything your client will need including the appropriate loop and bristle brushes along with a wet line for any texture or style of hair.

After attachment of the new hair extensions, it is vitally important that your clients follow up with you for a maintenance consultation. Thereafter, when caring for their new tresses, gentleness is vital. It is important that your clients know not to excessively scrub their hair. They can avoid tangles by drying hair thoroughly before going to bed and comb with a wide tooth comb, gently from ends to the scalp. They should also know to never use haircolor, perms and relaxers and to never use any other types of chemicals without consulting you, to prevent damage to their new hair extensions.

Professional hair extensions are the best way to add volume, texture and length to your client’s hair. New application methods cause little to no damage to the client’s hair, and hair extensions are an easier, longer lasting alternative to other hairstyling tools.

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