July 2008

Kerry Delaney

Marketing Solutions | by Kerrin Delaney


Relocate and Rejuvenate — How To Help New Clients Find You

Have you ever relocated? For those of you who have, you are aware of the chaos that can come with getting acclimated to new surroundings.

Now, put yourself in your client’s position. Realize that when they relocate, finding the right salon takes a lot more than just looking up a name on the internet or in the telephone book. How do they find a salon they will love? You can help make this choice less frustrating by using the marketing tools that are available in today’s world.

These simple, yet effective tips will help guide you to make the selection process easier for clients new to your area.

Tip one: create new promotions and solicit referrals. A great way to capture the attention of potential clients is by reaching out for help from your current clients. Offer them incentives for their referrals, which will make them happy and will book more appointments for you. While you could offer your clients 10 to 15 dollars off their next salon service per referral, the promotional possibilities are endless. Be creative.

It’s important your current clients are aware of your new client referral promotions. Having your hairstylists casually mention the referral program to clients will get them to engage in conversation, all while promoting new services and product sales. Your receptionist can build promotional awareness by telling clients about the current incentives, discounts and seasonal promotions. Also, relay this information with colorful display counter cards, posters and shelf talkers throughout the salon. When clients can take printed information home, they are much more likely to remember and to tell their friends.

Tip two: open your doors. A great way to get potential clients into the salon is by hosting an open house. Open houses allow you to display your amenities and offer potential clients the chance to come in and see what you have to offer.

The objective of an open house is to have your potential new clients feel comfortable while you inform them about your salon, services, and products. If your open house is during operating hours, potential new clients can see the staff members performing services on current clientele. Hosting your open house on a Sunday afternoon or weekday evening can allow your team to welcome every new guest, while engaging in complimentary consultations within each department.

A cost effective example is to offer free customized consultations. This way, clients will get to meet your staff personally and discuss their hair, skin and nail care needs. Offer product samples, lecture demonstrations, door prizes, salon service menus and tours. Once the consultation is over, you should offer them incentives for pre-booking appointments during the event.

Tip three: direct mail works. When you have potential clients that are new to the area, your marketing needs to have a strong, offer-based headline that answers the question in the reader’s mind, “What’s in it for me?” The key is to target the right audience and then effectively make the focus of the mail specific to their interests and needs.

Sending direct mail to potential new clients that attended the open house will be easier because you already have their contact information. On the other hand, you might need assistance when you are trying to locate others new to the area.

One of your best options is to hire a reputable local, regional or national direct mail resource to help facilitate the client search and direct mail campaign. Such companies are available to discuss marketing strategies, create the artwork, and print and mail the piece to targeted clients surrounding your salon facility.

Tip four: use e-mail blasts and various internet options. Some new clients will still use telephone books to find a local reputable salon. However, with the internet booming and the ability to see salon ratings, clients are often going online to help them decide where to go.

If you already have the e-mail addresses of potential clients, you should regularly send them e-mail blasts that welcome them to your salon, offer complimentary treatments or alert them with upcoming promotional events and services. If you don’t have the addresses on file, a great way to find these people is to have a link on your website for new clients. Here they can read about frequently asked questions, upcoming salon events, promotions and pre-book appointments.

When attracting the attention of new clients, you may feel like you are living in a TV reality show waiting for that last rose. Don’t you think it’s time to stop waiting around for the clients to find you? Take action and help them with the selection process. Potential clients will become new clients before you know it.

Kerrin Delaney is a Marketing Coordinator at Marketing Solutions, which offers complete marketing, advertising, graphic design, PR and consulting services for salons, spas, manufacturers and beauty care entrepreneurs. For information, call 703-359-6000, e-mail MktgSols@MktgSols.com or visit www.MktgSols.com.