July 2008

Lisa Kind - Editor

From the Editor | Lisa Kind


How Does Diversion Affect You?

This month’s Stylist focuses on that dread disease called diversion. Is diversion becoming an epidemic in the professional beauty business? Are you immune? Do you have any power to influence a cure? This month’s issue aims to provide you the tools necessary to help you do something about it and make our industry healthy again.

For instance, look for the information on page 6 in the article Combating Diversion: Understand Why Your Clients Should Purchase Retail From You. Shannon Wells will tell you how to get combat ready. First by understanding why diversion is successful—understanding it from your client’s perspective. Then by knowing how you can educate your clients on why your salon is the better alternative for purchasing retail products.

Have you ever considered that you could eliminate diversion from the products you sell by carrying a brand that sells only in your salon? On page 12 Janae Raphael will tell you about Private Label Options for Your Salon. You might be surprised when you read what your options are in having your own product manufactured.

Perhaps creating your own brand doesn’t appeal to you. Maybe you’d prefer to consider the debate between finding a supportive distributor and just buying direct from the manufacturer. Jenny Hogan’s article on page 13 will provide you with excellent pointers when considering what you should do.

I know most of you have well-respected relationships with your current supply networks, but you might wish you had more of a voice to speak out against diversion and your loss of retail profits. Maybe you’ve wondered What Is Diversion and How Do We Stop It? After setting forth one definition of diversion, this article on page 7 encourages action and introduces a new weapon in the fight.

For those of you needing a break from the heavy topic of diversion, make sure to peruse the rest of the issue for other great information. Judith Culp discusses client records, Kerrin Delaney writes about how to market to people who are new to your area and Vicki Peters discusses electric files for toenails, among several other articles you won’t want to miss.

I hope you enjoy this month’s issue as much as we enjoyed preparing it for you. Here’s hoping you can create some useful diversion, and divert a little more cash into your pockets from now on!