May 2008

Lisa Kind - Editor

From the Editor | Lisa Kind


Diversifying Your Clientele

If you could flip a switch and earn more money every day, would you do it? May’s issue of the Stylist shows you how market diversity can do just that.

Does your salon mostly cater to women? Are you missing the boat (and a good source of revenue) because you aren’t expanding your clientele to include a wide demographic of clients? What about men, children and an aging clientele? How can you flip that switch and have all kinds of people bringing you more money than you make now?

On page 6 you will find our feature article about growing your male clientele. In it, Christopher Campbell reminds you that men and women are different, and outlines how you can utilize that knowledge to bring more men into your salons.

While you’re thinking about men, you might also consider marketing to the younger crowd. Hannah Mayo’s article Marketing to Kids and Teens reminds us that kids are becoming aware of their personal style at much younger ages than in the past. She tells you how your salon can cash in on this trend. The article is on page 12.

On the subject of expanding your marketing, what tips might estheticians need for their specific segment of the industry? While there are mainstay groups within the population who provide a majority of your income, there are other groups to market to in order to round out that income. Judith Culp’s article on page 16 takes you through a few keen insights on motivating these other groups to come in through your doors.

It is also important to remember the factors that shape the populations in your market. With the excellent medical technology we have today, people are living longer, which means the number of mature people in our society is growing. This month, Vicki Peters reminds you to cater to their needs -- and how doing so can help you treat all of your clients better. Look for that on page 10.

Whether they are young or old, did you realize there are ways to market to men beyond cars, cleavage and sports? Look for the fun and insightful article by Shannon Wells on page 9 that shows you subtle ways to market to men to meet their need for masculinity. She mentions a less subtle way as well -- how to advertise to men through their women. It’s a good read.

When it comes to men, how many of them ask you to color their hair? As you come to page 14, take a look at Joe Howe’s article. He shows you how your focus on diversifying can help you capture new business, while reminding you of the wisdom of allowing color clients to advance their color needs organically over time, whether they are women or men.

And one last thing, don’t forget that the deadline for the 2008 Cover Contest is this month, on May 12. Make sure to visit or e-mail me at for full details, and get those entries in!