May 2008

Shannon Wells

Beauty Business Buzz | by Shannon Wells


Beyond Cars, Cleavage, Sports— Appealing to the Male Audience

Times, they are a changing -- and presenting beauty services to the male market is taking on a completely new significance.

Gone are the days when only the “metro sexual” male entered beauty salons and spas. Beauty businesses are going the extra mile to accommodate the previously untapped marketing of male patrons. Creating innovative attractors for men beyond the typical sex, sports and cars can distance you from the competition and distinguish you as the spot for quality male services.

Why men are important: A recent study showed that 48 percent of men visit hair salons six to 10 times annually. Of that number, over 26 percent actually visited more than 10 times per year. That’s more often than the average woman does. Males typically have frequent maintenance haircuts to maintain their shorter lengths. This can add up to big revenue bucks for your business.

Understanding what motivates men to visit a salon or spa can get you well on your way to developing marketing campaigns and promotions targeted at the very loyal male market.

Getting men in the door: While it is impossible to lump all men in the same category, a few common denominators can drive most men to choose to visit a salon or spa. Beside the obvious motivation to look or feel good, here are some triggers that will have them beating down your door.

Pleasing the fairer sex: Some men are motivated (sometimes even solely) by appeasing their spouse. How many men have you seen dragged into a salon or spa seemingly against their will? If a woman is convinced that what you have to offer will benefit their husband or boyfriend, they are very likely to recommend the service, perhaps vigorously, to the man they care about. Creating promotions geared toward your current female clientele for their men will drive male clients in to you business.

Couples services work well too. Don’t stop at massages -- his and hers haircuts, pedicures and even highlights will give men a comrade as they venture into the world of beauty services.

Tap into their completive nature. Competition is an underlying force for most men. The desire to get ahead in life drives many men in their work and personal lives. There are key words, phrases and feelings you can convey in your marketing that will evoke that competitive spirit.

Here are a few concepts that work:

“Get in, out and back in the game.” Efficient and time saving men’s haircuts.

“Groomed guys get the sale.” Now offering “quality control” services to make sure you look your best.

“She thinks dirt is cool outside, not cool under your nails.” We’ll have your hands looking as good as new with our Tough Guy nail restoration treatment.

Notice, we did not mention the word “pedicure” in the last example. Sure, it’s what they’re getting, but I know many men that vow they will never get a pedicure. However, they may be willing to get their hands “restored.” After all, restoration is what you do to a truck. This is the type of thinking you want to promote to your male clients.

By referring to your services according to these examples, they’ll hear they can gain time, get a promotion and impress their lady. How can they say no to that?

Where’s your sense of adventure? Many people, including men, strive to live the good life, to see the world and experience adventure. These same factors can motivate a man to try your products and services. For many men, just entering a salon or spa is an adventure. Projecting the image that your salon provides adventure, prestige and luxury will itself motivate some men to try your services.

These tips can help you get men in the door of your salon or spa. Afterward, your job is to keep them coming back. Most men are fiercely loyal once they’ve found a technician they trust. Knowing the factors that motivate men to use beauty services will get you on your way to building a new revenue stream for your business.

One fun way to attract more male clients is to ask your current clients why they visit you. Start a campaign and you’ll be surprised by the answers. Use the information to get your piece of the booming male beauty industry.

Shannon Wells is the Marketing Manager for Your Beauty Network, a beauty industry’s business support service. For more information on this topic or to find out how YBN can help you with your business call (866) 364-4926 or email